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Hi there,

I recently purchased the Super CP and CP serum to use on my newly menopausal facial and neck skin
I use retin A, have done so since I was 25 (I'm 50) so my skin is great in general. Been using the Retin A at night and the CP in the AM, no problems.

What I wanted to ask, was that I use as a day cream (since I use the retin a and need something very rich/emollient) A product from Shiseido called Benefiance wrinkle resist 24 night emulsion.
It contains an ingredient called: potassium ascorbyl tocopheryl phosphate
(the rest of the ingredients are listed at the product link)
which is a vitamin c/e blend I gather.

I use the lotion not because of any "age defying" properties (which i think are questionable at best) but because it's very emollient (squalane etc) and doesn't irritate my retin a skin like some that try to stick various "firming" ingredients in their products.

Anyway in the AM i put on the CP serum, then layer the above lotion over it as i need a bit of moisture. I am concerned that the Vitamin C/Blend that I named above would prevent the CP from working. Could you please advise whether the lotion has any negating effect?

Many thanks!

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Dear cityrat:

No problem. We have adjusted our vitamin C + copper recommendations.

In the past we advised clients who wanted to use topical vitamin C to use their product on alternate days than the copper peptides.

However, in practical application it doesn't seem to be posing as much of a problem as we had once thought. As a result, we have removed this suggestion from our websites and printed material. We have many clients who use copper peptides along with their topical vitamin C products and have reported nothing but great results. We do not have strict rules on this.


If you wanted to be very strict, you could use the copper peptides only in the evening... But you should be just fine using your day cream on top of CP Serum. The only caution may be with high percentage vitamin C products (20-25%+)... which this product is not.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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