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My super cp serum had some dark substance at the bottom of the container. When I shake it up it mixes in with the rest of the serum but the next day it settles again. Has the product gone bad?
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Dear jimi6065:

Thanks for posting your question - Your product is still good. Check the mfg (manufacturer date) on the back label to confirm when exactly it was made.

But none of our products have an expressed expiration date.

We have tested copper peptide based products up to 5 years old and when kept at standard/normal room temperature, copper-peptides stay quite effective for years.

We don't use traditional detergents or quasi-detergents in our formulas, so the products are weakly held together. But avoiding detergents is better for the health of the skin.

Depending on the batch, it is normal to notice a bit of flakes/residue towards the bottom of the bottle, but this does not mean that the product has gone bad.

Best Wishes,
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Some of the peptide precipitates out with time even though we filter the serums.

But this does not affect actiivity.
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