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Good day!

Could you please tell what is the shelf life of your products if I still don't open the pack.
Is it necessary to keep them in the fridge if I don't use them.

Thanks in advance for your answer.
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Hello Olala,

None of our products have an expressed expiration date. We have tested products up to 5 years* old and when kept at standard/normal room temperature, copper-peptides stay quite effective for years.

We can confidently say that when copper-peptide products are stored at normal room temperature, creams and serums remain stable and produce the same effect for years. Many of our clients keep their excess products in the refrigerator. It helps to keep the copper peptides from darkening. If they darken, they are still effective.

As for the Emu Oil, you can use it after 4-5 months. It depends on how the Emu Oil-S is stored. If there is no irregular smell or drastic change in color or texture it should be fine. It is a good idea to keep any back stock of Emu Oil that you have in the refrigerator. We have clients who have used Emu Oil-S after 6 months with no problem.

Hydroxy Acids - Stored at room temp or cooler - up to 2+ years or more.

For general product information see: Behind the Products - Dr. Pickart's Approach to Skin Care

Best Wishes,

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Thanks a lot for the extensive information!
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