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Hi Skin Biology , does your cp serum penetrate deeper than your creams and
Question 2 , if I were to put a lacsal cream on top of the cp serum would this inhibit the creams job on the skin

Cynthia VanVranken
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Dear winterskisss:

Yes. Many clients ask this question since they've heard serums penetrate better than creams. But this is not necessarily true.

Dr. Pickart says it depends on how the cream is formulated.

Both our serums and creams are formulated to penetrate exceptionally well.

So with Skin Biology Products the difference, whether creams or serums may work better for you, only has to do with skin type. Drier skin types (or during drier seasons clients) may want to use a cream with its additional moisturizing ingredients... Those with oily skin type may want to stick with the oil-free liquid (serum) versions of our products.

Some clients do apply LacSal Cream on top of a mild copper peptide serum but they do this for a specific reason. To find out why, send an email to and we'll review this easy tip to enhance results.

But the fats in the cream will push down more of the CP Serum.

Having the CP Serum already on your skin won't hinder the LacSal Cream, but it will disturb the pH of the hydroxy acid.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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