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Hello everyone, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong spot.

I'm 27 and used NCN pro skin care copper serum with egf for a couple months and now my eye lids are sagging almost to my lash line. It was a very sudden and drastic change. I did not dilute the serum, but I used only one drop for my entire face just 3 times a week. I guess even that was too much too fast.

I asked Nanci about it and she said this may have happened because I used before being 28. It has been almost a year now and the problem has not corrected itself. My eyelids used to be very tight, I had a ton of lid space. Now they're very saggy

Do you guys think that using a mild CP from skin biology would help correct this? Is there anything at all I can do? I'm out the point where I'm about to have a consultation for an upper bleph Frowner

Please help me
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Dear Chicki:

Good to have you with us!

The delicate area around-the-eyes calls for a certain skill to effectively rejuvenate. We can tell you though that we've had many clients use the products around the eyes with great success before and after your current age.

So age probably doesn't have as much to do with it as does an person's individual skin sensitivity.

As the inventor of copper peptides, Dr. Pickart has worked out a specific mode of approach when working with this area.

Please call us at 1-800-405-1912 or 1-425-644-0160 and we can go over in-depth how to proceed and get this area to start looking better.

Or email us directly at: - That way we can find out what exactly you've been using over the past year and the condition of your skin at the outset.

Since forum posts don't allow for a quick back-and-forth consultation where we can ask you questions that may determine how we would advise you, the best thing would be to email or call us when you have the opportunity - We'd love to help!

Our general advice can be found through the following links:
How to Properly "Rest" the Skin -
How and Why It is Important to Use Products Slowly -
How to Use Copper Peptides Properly - Tips for Success

But again, we'd love to hear from you directly and then we can more efficiently be of help.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
Location: Canada
Registered: 04 July 2014
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Thank you so Much! I'll send an email, very excited!
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