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Hi Skin Biology , I thought I would try and ask this Q in the forum . Is it beneficial to use CP Serum or Super CP Serum or even Skin Signals first then Crepey Skin Escape or the 3+3 on top ? I'm thinking the cream would drive the serum with the copper deeper because of the DMSO . I understand not to do this on the face " not sure why yet " but on the neck and decollete and body . Also I know there would be two different generations of copper used .

Cynthia VanVranken
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Dear winter:

Great to hear from you!

Yes - You definitely can do that. Here's the benefit:

Using a light copper peptide serum (CP Serum, Super CP, or Skin Signals) works well as a great layering technique.

When the Crepey Skin Escape (or 3+3 Body Soothing Cream) is applied on top, the fats / lipids from the cream will assist in the penetration of the peptide serum applied first.

You can definitely mix the two generations together; no problem in doing that. We do that with Skin Signals...

Try it a few ways (you can always test on an area of the face if you wish to)... But in general we recommend a bit milder methods for clients looking for a good anti-aging facial regimen.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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