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Hi everyone. I am new here. (Post #1)

I gave SkinBiology products a test drive a couple years ago but after going to ("ugly eyes" I guess?) dry crepey under eyes and saggy over eyes I stopped it and resumed my standard actives of Retin-A & periodic glycolic with annual TCA peels. They look great now, like I/m 20 again.

Recently bought more SkinBiology products (after throwing the old out since they were green and the manufacturing date was years earlier; even already months or earlier when it came.) Tell me if I am wrong, but did I not recently learn that green is okay? [I hate wasting money.] I sure hope so because 3 of my new ones are green w/ manufacturing date months earlier.

I've got 30 something year old skin and abused it horribly as a teenager w/ excessive and intentional baking in the sun.

I still have the dynamic expression lines under the eyes when smiling as well as minor (hardly noticeable) lines while resting. It's not anything I'm overly concerned with but would still like to address before older aging.

Because I do believe in the copper I wanted to give these products another try. Obviously I do not want to 'mess up' again.

#1.) May I please tell you the products surrounding CPs that I have and someone explain to me how to use them so I can avoid crepe or worsening (before bettering)?

1.) Super GHK-Copper serum
2.) CP Serum
3.) Super Cop
4.) CP Ultimate Eye Cream

Favorite Oils: Emu, Argan, Rice Bran, Coffee Bean, Camellia

#2.) I want the resting lines around my mouth to disappear as well as a weird off-center vertical chin line I can kinda see sometimes (from being an unfortunate side sleeper.)

3.) I would like my inner elbow skin to not look like my 80 year old grandmothers. I love my grandmother and she is in great shape but I see my inner arms when I bend them almost 90* and I'm not her age yet but I see. (I'm on the thin side and wondering if it's loose skin from too much yough-seeking-sun & yoga, lol.)

4.) I would like - what look to be minor surface - dry vertical lines also to be-gone.

Couple weeks in and I know the Copper is working so far because I've been diligent to not over-do and can already see my minor "11's" between the brows disappearing as well as my eyebrow hair (thankfully) growing back in from over-waxing!!!!

I mean... I've been a thinker for a really long time and so they've been there for 10 years and it's not my imagination that they're fading!

I want to keep Retin-A in my routine if possible so if one or more of you CP 'professional users' have some advice on a routine, I would LOVE to take your thoughts and advice or suggested routine.

My skin is resilient but I still want to not push it while also, yes, pushing it...if you know what I mean!

Thank you for being here and for this forum.
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Dear PurpleFrog,

Welcome to our forum. Thank you for posting - It was nice to hear from you! Here at Skin Biology we are dedicated to providing science based products that aid in skin rejuvenation.

Copper peptides were originally discovered in the field of wound healing by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart who has since started two successful biotechnology companies, the second being Skin Biology. The products developed were found to generate beautiful results on the skin and are quite effective for promoting improved skin appearance on all skin types.

Since it is essential to give copper peptides enough time to work for skin rejuvenation, we thought we would assist you by providing the following point-by-point instructions on how to properly use copper peptides and maximize your results!

See the following link for other suggestions:
Tips on How to Use Copper Peptides Properly - See: Tips On Using Copper Peptides
Skin Remodeling - What To Expect and When To Expect It

You have chosen some very good products to begin your skin care routine with. We never recommend starting with the strongest products that we make. Many times people are able to use the milder products for most of their life.

• Easy-to-Follow Regimen for Visibly Younger-looking Skin

The key to youthful skin with an even complexion is the use of a good method of exfoliation (with hydroxy acid and/or manual abrasion) + copper-peptides to help initiate strong skin rejuvenation. Keep in mind that consistency and patience are vital.

We would recommend carefully reviewing the following links on copper-peptides:
Renew Your Skin: How to Get Rid of marionette lines and deep wrinkles - See:
This video shows how to apply Super Cop 2X to area that we want to teat like the the resting lines around my mouth and the vertical chin line you get. Only for you, because you are so young use the Super Cop as I will instruct below.

Here is a suggestion on how you can start using the products:

AM Use:
AM - After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of Super GHK Copper Serum or CP Serum (they contain a mild concentration of copper peptides that can be used very lightly once a day). This should just barely cover the area without leaving the skin excessively wet or damp. Be careful with using around the eye area, or if you have sensitive skin. For the 1st 2 weeks dilute with water 50/50. Also use on the neck area. Remember, a very light coating is all that is needed.
Around the eyes: Use CP Ultimate Eye Cream lightly by applying a thin layer underneath the eyes and on the outside areas of the eye. Use under the brow bone to help lift the upper lid area.

If you find that you need more moisture you can then apply a thin layer of Emu Oil S for Skin or CELES Beauty Oil for moisture. In your case you would just take a drop or 2 of the moisturizing oil of your choice and put it in the palm of your hand. Pat your hands together and apply moisture only where needed.

PM Use:
PM - After cleansing the area, lightly apply your Retin A if you find that your skin is irritated or you need moisture you can then apply a thin layer of Emu Oil S for Skin or CELES Beauty Oil for moisture.

How To Spot Treat with Super Cop
Here is the information on how to spot treat areas with the Super Cop that I mentioned above. You can use this on the wrinkles and areas that concern you. Keep in mind that consistency and patience are vital.

Three times a week, after you have cleansed your skin and applied your retin a apply the Super Cop. Use very lightly . Apply to the area you are treating and massage in for 5-10 seconds. The Super Cop is really not for use around the eye area. Some of our clients do, but we don't recommend it.

If your skin needs moisture apply one of our biological healing oils such as Emu Oil S for Skin or CELES Beauty Oil . This will also aid in the penetration of the Retin A and copper peptides.

I have personally used Retin A in my routine this way and found it to be effective.

Thank you for taking the time to post in our forum. We appreciate all of our clients and want to ensure they get the very best results from Skin Biology.

Best Wishes

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Registered: 02 May 2018
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Dear SkinBio Team -

Thank you so so much!

I am very glad to understand now that SuperCop is a spot treatment and I can keep use of the serums.

Maybe I didn't damage anything the one night I put SuperCop on my whole face. [EEek?]

[Nothing out of the ordinary reacted but also I have been diligent in using Glycolic and/or Retin-A in the evenings which may have helped?]

I am happy that rubbing into the neck area was addressed because I see, later, I have an omission here:
4.) I would like - what look to be minor surface - dry vertical lines also to be-gone.

I meant to write that I sometimes have (or sometimes notice?) little vertical lines in the neck skin when I lengthen. (Who knows if it's dehydration or what...or heck, maybe I've had them since age 20 and am just now noticing.)

I am assuming then that for my inner elbow arm of sag/loose/wrinkle-prune area that I may have success there if I follow the same routine for face?

I'm just guessing at that since - in my case anyway - that skin is thin already and definitely not like my leg skin...which is thick and plump and not dehydrated; my point being - and I may be wrong - that I don't think I should go stronger/harder on the inner arm just because it's 'body skin.'

Thanks again!! And the video was very helpful.

Edit: Another Question

I have recently added a (water-free) ferulic acid + resveratrol serum to my AM routine. Could I apply this after the Super GHK Copper Serum or CP Serum without any reduction in Copper assistance? Or would beforehand be better? Or does it matter?

I ask because of the 'acid' in the word Ferulic and I have read about not mixing CP and Vitamin C [ascorbic acid] but at opposite times of day if one likes to keep their Vitamin C.

I would just like to keep use of my anti-oxidants. Love

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