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One more question about eyes.

I missed Emu oil could not be shipped to Europe so therefore this item was missing in my last shipment of SB products. But I received a sample of CELES oil instead. So I started using CELES oil instead of Emu Oil including around my eyes.

However I just saw CELES oil is not included in the products recommended for the eye area. Does this mean CELES should not be used for eyes? Should I exchange it for another oil? It says "penetrating oil should not be used around the eyes". Does this apply to CELES?

As I wrote in the las post I have used SB products for two weeks now. A few days ago it looked real good, but now notice increased sagging of upper eye lids. However under the eyes and in the rest of the face it looks and feels very good so it definately seem there is some action.

So what should I so?

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It is the best oil that we have. It works very well around the eyes but use it lightly. You don't need much.

Around the eyes, use any product very lightly. The eye skin is the thinnest on the body and is often damaged by color cosmetics.

Because of buried skin damage, older skin may rise to the surface before it is removed.

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Thanks for the answer!

But should I use both CP Ultimate Eye Cream AND CELES oil Aound the eyes? Or only one of them?
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Dear kristos282:

CELES Oil can definitely be used around the eye area. We have many clients who use it for crepey, dry eye area skin.

Our page for product suggestions around the eye are does not list everything that can be used around the eyes. Or simply has not been updated with the CELES Oil product.

But you may certainly try using a very small amount of CP Ultimate Eyes with a small bit of CELES Oil on top.

Be sure to use extremely light amounts so that the oil does bot drift to get into the eyes and cause discomfort.

Or alternate using just CP Ultimate Eyes one day and CELES the next.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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