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It studying the ingredients of some of Skin Biology products, I have noticed that soy protein is one of the ingredients. Now, in the world where soy has gained a pretty bad reputation from a nutritional stand point, many of our clients, and including myself, have problems with soy. Can you tell me why soy is an ingredient used in Skin Biology. And yes, I will ask, "Will using the products with soy products in them cause any typical soy reactions normally seen with soy food products?"
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Dear Kerry:

Thanks for posting your question! This is one we are frequently asked...

The soy peptide used in Skin Biology products is hydrolyzed soy protein derived from soybeans and broken down by water to form a complex with copper. The soy proteins used in making our products are not genetically modified and hydrolyzed soy protein is not harmful.

Dr. Pickart mentions, "We only use pure soy protein that is partially hydrolyzed to produce peptides of 200 to 700 molecular weight. Then this material is further purified to remove any non-peptide material". This type of solution has been used for many years in cosmetics without detrimental effects.

But it is nice to know that Dr. Pickart (with over 50 years of experience formulating products for use on the skin) would never use any compound that would adversely affect the health of the skin or body. His inventions have had to undergo rigorous safety testing and have been found to be non-irritating and safe for long-term use.

We encourage you to review our page on Dr. Pickart's Approach to Formulating Skin Products at

Dr. Pickart may post some further comments on this...
Or feel free to contact us at 1-800-405-1912 - We'd be happy to be of assistance!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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