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Hi Skin Biology , would mixing TTT with your creams and copper serums before application work as good as putting it on over them as you advise for application ? I ask because sometimes I read that it creates a barrier and i'm assuming that if i used it first the creams and serums containing copper may not penetrate the skin to do its job . I know TTT has good things it does in the skin for lifting or is it firming but would mixing the two lower the over all benefits ?

Cynthia VanVranken
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Dear winterskisss:

Some have tried this and it should be fine.

You will probably need to shake it up very well before each use (if mixing into a serum) or stir it very, very well (if mixing into a cream).

Since Two Timing Tightener is basically oil-free, you don't have to worry about layering creating a barrier so that the copper can't do its job.*

In fact, mixing DMAE into copper works exceptionally well! We've actually done the mixing for you in our latest products: GHK Luxe Eye Cream with TriFactor Complex and GHK-Cu Crepey Skin Escape (both of these products are a blend of copper peptides + DMAE ---the active ingredient in TTT).

*For a detailed explanation on what creates a barrier to copper peptides and what doesn't, please see our page at: Tips on How to Use Copper Peptides Properly (---the section on "How to Decrease Strength"---)

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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