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Please tell me the differences between the trireduction cream and super cp serum. I noticed that the trireduction is rated as being stronger than super cp. Is it suggested to use on the whole face? Also, does it leave a blue tint on the face? Thanks.
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Dear jimi6065:

What Is the Difference Between Super CP Serum and TriReduction Cream?
Super CP Serum was originally designed for oily-to-combination skin types to combat the appearance of blemishes while helping address oily skin issues. It is the strongest copper-peptide liquid product currently in existence. Within its formula it combines a high level of copper-peptides together with salicylic acid.

TriReduction Cream was also developed for reducing the appearance of blemishes but is best suited for spot treating or for drier skin types. TriReduction works well for clients gradually working up to be able to use Super Cop Cream and for fading the appearance of pigmentation problems, stretch marks, or for use on very deep wrinkles and expression lines.

Typically Super CP Serum is recommended for those with combination-to-oily skin primarily concerned with blemish reduction. TriReduction is recommended for those with drier skin types. Both products are quite strong and very effective. Both products can be used very lightly on the entire face (except for around the eye area / and except for those who have sensitive skin).

TriReduction's full name is: Protect & Restore TriReduction with High Retinol (it contains a more concentrated amount of retinyl palmitate which may result in breakouts for oily skin but results in enhanced moisturization for drier skin).

Will the Products Leave a Blue/Green Color on My Face?

No. Our products, although blue or greenish-blue in color, have been shown to be very effective in enhancing the natural skin rejuvenation process. As it is applied (depending on your skin tone) you will notice the color dissipates when applied properly and should work all the way into the skin without casting a tint.

Copper peptides may attach to fats in the pores; so if you notice a slight tint from the products you can wash off the slight color effect with warm water.

TIP! Apply all of our products extremely lightly. Massage into the skin for 5-10 seconds. If it color tinting continues to be a concern, make sure you are using the product extremely lightly or try applying the CPs in the evening. Dilute serums with water / or base your skin first before applying a cream and you will notice that the product will work itself into the skin more evenly.


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-Skin Biology
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