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I'm excited to try the new cream but do have a couple of questions. First strength wise, is it as stong as the P&R with grapefruit oil? Or more in line with CP eyes? And secondly if using retin a(actually Tazret)with it, should I switch to morning use? In the past I have layered super CP and Two timing tightener on top but seem to remember reading at one time not to use GHk at the same time as retin a products.
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Dear romajo:

Thanks for asking! Please remember that we are very low on samples and will have to discontinue this special next week.

With that said though, this new product is very potent! It contains 2% GHK (which is quite strong ---not as strong as the 3% VIP Cream, but definitely in that range).

This would definitely make it stronger than our P&R with High Retinol + Grapefruit Oil.

However, due to the fact that GHK is not as breakdown resistant as 2nd generation copper peptides, we do advise clients to use their retinoic acid product at the opposite end of the day (rather than back-to-back with a high GHK content cream).

Since retinoic acid products are used at night, simply use this new High GHK + DMAE Cream around your eyes lightly in the morning. That would be an easy way to ensure that all of your products are working on your skin optimally.

Or simply avoid using your retinoic acid product around the eyes in the evening and test out our New Eye Cream instead.

Best Wishes,
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Location: Illinois
Registered: 10 August 2009
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Thank you. I will plan to use it in the am then.
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