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Dear Skin Biology,

I understand that there is a calculator (amount of drops) in the product page of 7% GHK-Cu.

However, I would like to make my serum by weight instead of drops.

Do you have such a guideline?

Good Selling!

With Warmest Regards!

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Dear Carrot:

Sure! Simply contact Dr. Pickart directly with detailed information on what calculation you need.

Please email:

Thank you for your interest in our 7% GHK-Cu Accelerant Drop!


• Additional Tips for Using the New 7% GHK Product Accelerant

--- Th 15ml size of GHK Product Accelerant Drop was created as a “ready-to-add” ingredient to enhance Skin Biology products or other cosmetics. This may be a perfect option for clients who use other products but wish these topicals contained GHK-Cu. Or for those wanting to take their favorite products (Skin Signals, Super CP Serum, Super Cop, TriReduction, etc) up a notch.

NOTE: It may be best for clients to perform their product mix in another container (rather than mixing it in the palm of their hand before use or trying to blend it into the bottle / jar of the other product). This will ensure proper (even) blending without wasting too much of your precious product.

--- Using a separate container, per 15ml (or half ounce of cosmetic product), add 1-3 drops of GHK-Cu. Mix well and store in a closed container.

--- Vitamin C Products (the blend might become unstable). This info may be revised in the future, you may be able to mix GHK-Cu with vitamin C (contact Dr. Pickart with questions).

--- Hydroxy Acids (GHK is very fragile and would break down)

--- 3% VIP Luxury Products (these already have a high GHK content)

--- Sunscreens (zinc oxide products, etc)

All other cosmetic ingredients should work just fine – Product must be diluted before use.

How Many Drops Are In the New GHK Accelerant? Approximately 400.

When using the online calculator to estimate how many drops to add, keep in mind that the goal should be to produce a product between 0.03% - 3.0% (max). There is no need to try to make a product higher than 3%. Those wanting to make the range of their new product close to 3% may want to research if our 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream or Serum might be a better option so that the product formulation is already done for them.

Each vial of GHK Accelerant contains approximately 15ml (or a half ounce) of 7% of GHK Copper based in purified water and a small amount of phenoxyethanol (rose ether preservative).

For detailed questions on how many drops to use to mix, see the product page or contact Skin Biology directly.

Best Wishes,
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