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does anyone know where i can find a perfume that smells like pumpkin pie AND has staying power?

the only one i've been able to find is pumpkin pie by demeter, but it lasts for like less than five minutes. Frowner

p.s. a pumpkin pie lotion or oil from skin biology would be a great addition! it is the number one scent that turns men on, right?
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I have heard that as well but in my opinion,humble(pie)as it may be,to the men,it is the smell and thought of mamma cooking in the kitchen,the warm and homey smell.Vanilla,the same.I have found a better result from other perfumes,ylang ylang being one.Rose another but not too strongly.You can put your Demeter on with the emu and it will last longer.
I know that men always tell me they don't really like perfume but with some of these awful stinky things out there,it's no wonder.
Why don't you get the pheromone perfume alone and mix it with your pumpkin and see what happens?
I must be around a lot of "tom cats"because the women are asking me out and saying I have beautiful eyes.The men are calmed.I am around so many people,it is easy to try them out!It's funny!
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I think it is the nutmeg (the major spice in pumpkin pie), which is in the ylang-ylang/nutmeg scent from Skin Biology, which is in the pie scent that men pay attention to.
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Dear linnyloo:

Calypso's Oil and Body Perfume both come in a lovely Ylang-Ylang and Nutmeg (this scent is our best seller for women).

Many clients say the essential oil of nutmeg is the tone that they pick up on the most in that scent.


"Nutmeg is said to have a subtle aphrodisiac effect in smaller doses, and has been used as such by Hindus, Arabs, Greeks and Romans. In the Orient it was especially highly prized among women. The compound that may be responsible for the aphrodisiac effects of nutmeg is myristicin, 4-methoxy-6-(2-propenyl)-1,3-benzodixole." -Excerpt from the above link

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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