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If I understand the posts I am reading, we should all be taking a copper supplement, correct?

I know that Dr Pickard does not like Hylauronic Acid topics, but what about them as supplements? Do they do any good? Are there drawbacks?
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Dear Yellow:

Great question.

Other clients have asked this before. In response, Dr. Pickart has stated in the past: "There is information that highlights the fact that 'since hyaluronic acid oral tablets are relatively a new introduction, side effects are not fully known...Caution is advised regarding hyaluronic acid use since we don't know much about the long term effects of this nutrient taken orally.' You may want to review:".

Always discuss the supplements you are thinking about taking with your physician for more detailed information.

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Hylauronic Acid as a supplement is OK.

USDA studies suggest that we should take 4-6 mgs of copper daily.
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