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Some heart murmurs are caused by scarring and hardened valves. Scars can be formed on heart valves by fever and certain viruses. My dad got sick from my niece, and then developed a severe life threatening heart murmur afterwards that required surgery to repair his valve. Often people who had scarlet fever developed murmurs.

Do you think there's a supplement to take to slowly de-harden valves potentially hardened by scarring-diseases like chicken pox? Or are there supplements to take to prevent scarring during a bout of sickness?

I wonder if there's a way to 'apply' super-mild copper peptides to the heart. I wish there was an animal study for that...

What about scarred fallopian tubes? Would copper IUDs be toxic to the body or extend life? Do copper IUDs scar tubes to potentially cause infertility?
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I actually was in a laboratory looking at such damaged heart values in rats this week. If a value is damaged, scars can form. If the scars cannot be removed, the value becomes hard.

If this happened to me, I would take as supplements each day..

300 mgs alpha lipoic acid
4 mgs supplemental copper
5 grams flaxseed oil
3 grams salmon oil
1 gram MSM
1 gram vitamin C

There is current research in rats on the use of embryonic stem cells to repair such values. Human studies are planned to start in 2 years.
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