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I'm curious as to the reason why it's recommended to use the VIP cream over the GHK-CU for crepey skin (three in one) when it comes to using it on the face. Is it too oily for everyday use or what? Is there an ingredient that shouldn't be used on the face everyday? It can't be the strength because that's the same.
I purchased it to use on my face a few times a week because I like that it already has the TTT in it. An all in one cream. I don't use it on my body. The other days I alternate Trireduction and SuperCops 2x, all creams. I also like the 15 stregnth in the GHK-CU x3.
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Dear Lilly:

Thank you for posting your question - And for providing us your regimen!

The difference in suggestion for the Crepey Skin Escape product came from Dr. Pickart. The difference between these two creams (Crepey Skin Escape and 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream) is the inclusion of DMSO, found in Crepey Skin Escape.

It was originally due to the inclusion of that compound that we suggested an every other day application.

But as you mention, since both products have a high concentration of GHK-Cu, many clients use their VIP Luxury Cream every other day as well.

They rotate with other milder products and notice results that are just as good!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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Thanks SB.
So if I understand correctly, The DMSO makes the Crepey Skin Escape just a little stronger because of higher penetration? If that's the case, I think that's great!
Thanks for the explanation.
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