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Healthy Complexion sells "skin Biology" products on eBay. We stopped selling to them a year ago because of customer complaints. They originally bought products from Skin Biology in August 2004. Then they bought a very small amount of product from Skin Biology until September 2005.

Healthy Complexion is not a authorized sellers of Skin Biology products and we don't know what they are selling. The products that they are selling seem to be causing skin infections.

Below is a email sent to Skin Biology a week ago.

First message from client -
I have been a loyal customer for years of your copper peptide and exfol products. I don't think I will continue to buy anymore - because the last two times I order (I order in frequently and usually get several items at a time), the trireduction protect and restore with retinol and super cop have went off. I have had them turn a darker more dull blue as opposed to the bright blue they start out with, them smell very bad, and actually have seen white round things that look like mold or something. I was hoping it was in my mind, since the one I had just opened the seal and a few days it changed after opening, though it was fine when I got it. I had had it for a few months, but I had read that your alls products are supposed to last for years on the site somewhere, so I thought buying alot would be fine. Then I got a really bad skin yeast infection everywhere I used it, and I had to go to the doctor several times to get it taken care of, and it still reoccurs. I progressively opened every 4 oz bottle I had, and the one ounce pots of the super cop - and they all did the same thing and I had to throw them all out. I thought you all should know ..

Skinn Biology response -
We will refund your charges for the order. Send us the order number.

Second message from client -
My last few orders have actually been from "Healthy Complexion" on ebay - so I could get the products in jars instead of the regular bottles.
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