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Hi - I have been using Skin Signals and Two Timing Tightener for about 3 months now and would like to give some feedback.

I do not like the Skin Signals spray bottle. Too much spray comes out and it is difficult to direct the spray. So much is wasted. Instead I unscrew the sprayer and cover the top with my thumb and turn the bottle upside down. This is better but still is not good. I really wish I saved the container from my CP Serum. That was so much better with no waste.

The Two Timing Tightener I use the same way. When I use the pump, entirely too much comes out and is wasted. I can cover 2 faces with just a careful little pumping. Unfortunately I only have one face and the rest is wasted.

Just my experiences!
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Dear surfer_pup:

Thank you for posting your feedback and for participating in our forum!

What you may like to do is save the container of the 1 oz CP Serum (or just have us send you an empty bottle in with your next order) and save this as your "re-fill bottle".

With Two Timing Tightener we suggest pumping just one pump in the palm of your hand and applying to a face that is already damp. Using less than what you think you may need seems to work well to conserve product.

Actually the same can we done with Skin Signals Solution try spraying it into your hand first. Hold hand close to spritzer head so that none of the product is wasted. This may work better to conserve product rather than spraying on the face.

To see how to do this, please watch our Video on Various Ways of Applying Copper-Peptides at: or via YouTube

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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