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Does anyone else notice that emu oil escapes through the lid of the emu oil, in the hinge where the nozzle folds?

Whenever I pour some onto my fingertips, even being very careful to take all oil from the nozzle, there is still some oil leaking through the hinge.

Not a large amount, it doesn't drip at all, but it does get messy and the top of my bottle does get oily, so I wouldn't want to travel with the bottle. Furthermore, its a shame to waste the product, since I really love emu oil!

Perhaps Skin Biology could look into this, and find a different nozzle which is cleaner/doesn't leak, etc.

Many thanks!
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I know what you mean SM23, IF I remember I just leave the nozzle upright so that the excess can just drip straight back down. Although more often than not I tend to fold the nozzle back down immediately. I know it's such a shame to have those little drops go to waste!
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Dear shaolinmonk23 and sea2sky:

Thank you for posting your feedback.

Yes, on our Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher bottle it has been very difficult for us to find a cap that reduces leakage.

In the online picture, you'll see the disc cap that we used to carry. This at first seemed to work fairly well. But because it was a flip top, whenever the bottle hit/or tapped against anything the flip disc top would pop open and we had many problems with spills.

So it was decided to use the spout caps whichm at least when the bottle is packaged and shipped out, will not pop open.

However in between the little nozzle/spout cap there will be some trapped oil. The only suggestion we can offer is to perhaps re-use your 1oz small dropper bottles (or .5oz sample size dropper bottles). These are easily refillable and allow a nice clean application of biological oils.

This dropper does not come in a 2oz size, so for now we only have the Emu Oil available as is.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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