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Will retin-a work if applied over skin signals?

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Dear asphaltsally,

Retin-A can be used along with Skin Biology's copper peptide products. Here is our recommendation:

• If you are using a copper-peptide oil-free serum (or liquid) : Apply the copper-peptides first then your Retin-A cream can be applied lightly on top. At this point if you need moisture, you can apply a light amount of Emu Oil or some other biological oil on top. This will also take down some of the irritation of Retin-A.

• If you are using a copper-peptide cream: Cream versions of our products with their fatty molecules may actually block the Retin-A uptake. So it may be best to first apply your Retin-A product, then use copper peptides lightly on top.

The Retin-A, depending on the percentage prescribed to you, might increase the uptake of copper-peptides applied directly on top. So our copper-peptides may feel stronger when used along with Retin-A.

Note: There is no need to use both retinoic acid products and our mild hydroxy acids products together. If you chooses to, then it is best to alternate use (i.e. one night retinoic acid and the other night a mild hydroxy such as Exfol, LacSal, or Lactic Power).

Keep Smiling,
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