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Hi there,

I have used the products for different reasons a few years ago, but now I have been looking for products that would take away my (hyper)pigmentation on my cheeks, nose, forehead and chest.

As prescribed by this site I use:

AM - Super CP Serum
PM- LacSal Cream (wait 20-30min) then I use Super Cop 2X but only on the pigmented areas. I might then either use Retinol in Squalane before or after the supercop.

I also use 50 SPF sunscreen, it is very sunny where I am now, but the pigmentation on my face has really darkened and increased and spread!!!

Does anyone have some advice or experience with this? I'm very upset by this as I am 38 years old and do not have many wrinkles, but this really makes my features much older than I am.

I am now worried, that even though im wearing hats, sunscreens etc that the combination of these products and the weather is increasing the pigmentation...can this happen? How do i reverse this now..

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Dear Hanna:

Do not worry. We have handled this before and we are more than happy to be of assistance to you.

Feel free to send an email to me directly at: for immediate help, if you are not able to call into our office.

What you are seeing is not necessarily a negative.
Please review our information on Why Things May Look Worse Before They Look Better and
Tips on How to Use Copper Peptides Properly

Since the skin is in layers and damage many times exists in layers, it is not uncommon for areas of sun damage, hyper pigmentation, scars to look worse before they look better. The strong signal for rejuvenation triggered by copper peptides may push up damage that previously may have been half-way healed over, or concealed. But in order for your skin to truly rejuvenate, something more than a cosmetic cover-up will be needed.

Of course no one wants their skin's appearance to look worse... even if they have a promise that in the end it will eventually look better.

So we'd like to give you some tips that will help quickly get your skin back on track.

First, we will have some questions: How long had you been using the products? How heavy of applications? How many times a day?

From the regimen you mentioned above, it seems that you were only doing once a day applications? But I'd like to confirm that with you.

Also, were you using any other products at the same time? Hydroquinone, vitamin C, zinc oxide sunscreen etc?

This will be helpful in determining how to effectively fade the pigmented areas.

Here though are some tips that you can use today:

1. If you are noticing damage being more quickly pushed up to the fore faster than you have been able to breakdown (or slough off) with exfoliation, decrease your copper peptide use and increase your exfoliation. Additionally, adding a method of manual abrasion (skin scrub, microdermabrasion cloth, etc) may accelerate things, allowing your skin to "catch up" with itself.

2. With hyper pigmentation it is key to protect the skin from further sun damage, especially during this critical stage of working on fading the damage. Wear protective clothing. Try to limit UV exposure. Look for sunscreens with un-micronized UV reflectors.

3. Remember that certain products/compounds such as lipids will increase the rate of penetration of copper peptides (see our Tips Page) - Sometimes this is exactly what is needed. Other times though, a slower approach is better since accelerating penetration may result in pushing up damage too quickly. Use only a very, very light amount of copper peptides and perhaps focus more on exfoliation, at least until the damage that has been pushed up starts to fade.

4. Always contact us us during use of your product - We are here to help. Your success is our success. And many times this success depends on the different tips and methods we've been able to discern from many years of experience with thousands of clients. These personalized tips can end up making all of the difference in really seeing results.

[---- CLICK HERE to Request a Personal Consultation----]

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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