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I have a general question about the effects of overusing copper peptides and hydroxy acids (LacSal), especially around the eyes. I have read lots of time you should go slow, not use too strong products etc. But what will be the effects of going to fast, and to strong?

1) Will there only be the temporary problems of side effects like irritation, and a temporarily worsening of the appearence of the skin, which will be reversed soon, and replaced by improvement.

2) Or Will the progress you might get from using products correctly, simply not happen at all due to the overuse?

3) Or will you even risk damaging your skin? Instead tightening you will sagging, instead of wrinkle reduction you will get wrinkles. Also is there any difference between overuse of copper petides and over use of hydroxy acids?
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You can have a temporary skin irritation if starting too fast. But we have zero verified reports of extended damage. And the numerous published human studies have never reported skin damage.

We are aware of a troll that goes to websites claiming damage. But we see the same exact word phrases posted on message boards under many different email addresses.

There is a site called Skin Actives that says that copper peptides can damage skin. But the person running the site claims to have a PhD in something but we have never been able to find the name associated with any university or scientific publications.
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Thanks Dr. Pickard for the reply!

My experience using copper peptides is almost exclusively positive, and I don't pay much intention to those people you mention. So I fear you misinterpreted my question.

My thought was simply, since you mention so frequently the importance of going slow in increasing the strength of the cp product one uses, how do the negative effects of going to strong, to fast manifest? I mean, if it is only a matter of skin irritation, does this mean, that if you can cope with the irritation of using for example Super Cop x2 after only two weeks of staring, then it is ok? Will you get better result? Including around the eyes?

Or does it mean that if you go from P&R to Skin Signals and you don't feel any irritation, then you move along to Trireducion after only a few days of testing Skin signals. And if you don't experience any problem with Trireduction, you can upgrade to Super Cop, etc?

Maybe this question has been answered in your articles on the site, but I have read quite much and I don't feel quite sure about this.

Also the question was not just regarding copper peptides, but also hydroxy acids. I have some problems with my upper eye lids, and I just realized I might have used too much LacSal. I have used it every day on my eyes. And looking close the area look a bit blue and fragile. And I have problem with sagging eye lids. So I'm a bit worried. Could I have caused any damage putting too much acids around the eyes?

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Dear kristos282:

Thanks for posting your question - Thankfully we have pages such as Tips on Using SRCPs Properly ( which outlines exactly how overuse can manifest itself and easy solutions on how exactly to dial things back and let your skin "catch up with itself" as it were.

To help answer your questions, let's review a few tips that may make all the difference in keeping your skin actively responding to copper peptides.

1. If overuse is temporary, should I just "push through it"? Will I get a better result if I do so?

Our answer: After many years of successfully counseling thousands of clients on the best use of our products, we have found that a slow, consistent approach to skin care is much more effective in the long run. If you feel that a product or method was too strong, always allow your skin to "catch up with itself" as it were by effectively resting, using only a light moisturizer such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Regular Two Timing Tightener (with DMAE).

Be assured that any temporary irritation will not be permanent. But always listen to your skin. Return to milder copper peptide use (perhaps after 2-3 weeks) only after things have subsided and returned to normal. Copper peptides (even at their strongest) do not continue to stay active on the skin after weeks and months have passed, so you do not have to worry about issues resulting from overuse becoming permanent.

See: How to Rest the Skin - And When To Do It

2. Can I quickly (i.e. within a few days time) "upgrade" to stronger products if my skin is responding well?

Our answer: You definitely have the right idea of "stair stepping" - Gradually working up to stronger products (if needed; as needed). However, we recommend finishing out the milder product first before making the next step. So if you are using Skin Signals Cream, for instance, use that product out completely (perhaps order a FREE sample of the next "stair step" product ---in this case: TriReduction Cream---) so that as you're nearing the end of your Skin Signals Cream you can gradually work in use of TriReduction Cream and see how your skin responds. Then, when you're ready to place your next order, you'll know if you should order Skin Signals Cream or make the next step up to TriReduction Cream.

Remember: Stronger does not necessarily mean better or faster. Each individual's skin is unique. Some clients never work up to the next "stronger" product, and yet their skin continues to respond fantastically to copper peptides.

So again, the goal isn't to work up to the strongest product just for the sake of using something "strong and fast". The goal is listening to your skin; gently babying it back to the health and glow that it deserves.

3. Hydroxy Acids Around the Eye Area:

You posted a great question! Since the thinnest skin on the body is around the eye area (0.3 mmm thick on the eyelids) it is imperative to go slow, if you use exfoliation in this area. Many times, the skin is so delicate and thin in this area that very little exfoliation (sometimes no exfoliation at all) is required.

If you're noticing a bit of looseness / dryness in this area, be sure to keep it well moisturized and take a break from all methods of exfoliation. Don't worry, skin (thankfully) is quite resilient. And our leave-on hydroxy acids are actually very mild.

If you believe you've been over-doing it a bit with the hydroxys in this delicate area, simply take a break. Rest your skin and things will soon return to normal.


Contact us directly at 1-800-405-1912 for more personalized assistance - We'd be happy to help!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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Another issue is oily vs dry skin areas. Your T-Zone may be a ocean of oil while outer areas of your face may be like a desert.

So for oily skin areas, the serums work best.

For dry skin areas, the creams work best and especially the creams with retinol.
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For question 1,a light moisturizer such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher or Regular Two Timing Tightener would be helpful.

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