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Hi Dr Pickert , I have read in several places on this forum where you state , and forgive me if im not explaining this accurately that applying to the skin products that contain water can cause it to break down or is unhealthy because it causes the skin to let in bugs or viruses etc and also weakens the surface but so often it seems water is needed in a product recipe and also when we shower and after then apply creams on top of damp skin it holds water or moisture in . I was spraying aloe juice on my skin before i used my SB products as i did before i came back to SB with another brand thinking it would help the product spread easier and allow me to use less product . But now i question if its better not to do this as aloe juice naturally has water in it .

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What I mean is that products that just keep water on the skin are not good for the skin. If you are old enough to remember the "I Love Lucy" TV series, the women would go to bed with moisturizing "Cold Creams" on their faces. The idea was to keep a wet water layer on top of the skin. My mother did this. But they did not work and produced serious skin wrinkles.

Your outer layer of skin should be covered with natural skin oils, not water. Our creams have water, but as this water evaporates the copper peptides and moisturizing oils are pushed into the skin, so that the outer skin just has a covering of natural oil-like molecules such as stearic acid.

Actual water is held in the skin by water-holding proteins such as the proteoglycans.
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