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How long time between copper peptide product and biological oil? Login/Join
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How long after applying a copper peptide product should you apply a biological oil to achieve the extra penetrating effect?

It says "After copper peptides have penetrated". But what does it mean?
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Dear Kristos,

It is not necessary to have a long waiting period after application of the copper peptide of your choice.

For instance, under Skin Signals Solution the directions are to apply a light amount of Skin Signals Solution . An adequate application should just barely cover the area without leaving it excessively wet or damp. Then massage gently into the skin for 5-10 seconds.

Then, finish by applying a light amount of Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher(a biological oil).

This same principle would apply when using either a serum or a cream copper peptide.

Best Wishes,
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