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I am feeling a bit lost as to how to move forward in the best way to encourage skin improvement and thought I might reach out here to see what the response would look like. Just about a year ago now I had great skin. It was balanced in moisture, tone, had a smooth texture etc. After a very active summer in California filled with days at the beach and hiking (which ultimately culminated in the only sunburn I can ever recall having) my skin took a turn for the worse. The first and immediate signs were very drastic changes in texture and elasticity. Large pores appeared all over my face, covering my forehead, nose and cheeks. My skin felt (and still feels) thinned and mushy. Especially the forehead. About 7 months later the pain came on. Extreme tightness, and everything including water would burn my skin. Constant feelings of hotness/flushing. Facial redness. Wrinkles and lines appearing where they weren't before. Today I have managed to gain some of the moisture back, but it still feels terribly dehydrated. In fact, my arms, hands, stomach and back suffer the same feeling of dehydration. When lightly pinched or stretched the skin has a burning sensation. My skin feels raw, vulnerable to redness and irritation if anything brushes against it too much. Too much touching it, and it turns completely red, this is mostly limited to my face, shoulders and neck and chest. An itchy, mild redness has started to become more persistent on my upper lip and sides of nose. If I dare itch my face, I get the tingling and redness. My face, neck and chest feel hot intermittently throughout the day with no real clear triggers (beyond being in the heat). The strange large pores all over my face and the elasticity loss is devastating. The skin on my nose and between my eyebrows is often tingly or numb feeling, especially after touching. I have been tested for all autoimmune diseases. Derms have prescribed rosacea meds (soolanta, finacea, irvirmectin) and these have made it worse. Right now my skincare routine is to wash my face with a creamy cleanser with very few ingredients, put on Skin Ceuticals B5 gel, cover with an 80 percent aloe vera gel from ISNTREE, and then apply a cicabalm from Etude House's Soon Jung line. I was previously (very recently) occluding with CeraVe healing ointment (and no cicabalm), but I have since come to worry about how that was not allowing my skin to have its natural respiratory function. But without it, it feels impossible to make my skin feel moisturized. I've also struggled with using oils. I've tried Emu and Jojoba but they cause breakouts and don't feel moisturizing. I also wear sunscreen during the day. I will note that I did also wear sunscreen before this happened, but did not reapply after morning on regular days. I did always reapply when at the beach or outside for extended periods. I am at such a loss for what to do, and fear things will never change. It's difficult to look in the mirror at 29 and see a face that does not feel like yours. One that has seemingly aged years in a matter of months. Any advice on how to move forward is valued and appreciated. Am I doing too much? Is what I'm doing harming my skin more? I just don't know.

Many thanks,

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I should also mention that my diet is very clean consisting of mostly organic fruits and veggies, things like quinoa, oats, lentils and beans, and fish. I supplement vitamin C, MSM, Omega 3's, and take a probiotic. No coffee. No alcohol. Drink green tea every day.

I've also been told that a series (4-6 treatments) with a light laser (clear and brilliant), with microneedling with PRP, and a light peel before these procedures would help rebuild my skin. I have not followed through with the because of a fear of making matters worse (since I've seen the damage these things have caused in others and my damage almost looks identical to those with laser damage). Curious what thoughts are on this.

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Dear Sirichar,

Thank you for taking the time to email Skin Biology. It sounds like your skin is very fragile at the moment.

Our copper peptide topicals are cosmetic products that are not designed or intended for the treatment or prevention of any skin condition or disease. If you have a special skin concern, always consult a dermatologist or physician who can physically take a look at your skin and be able to advise you. Ask your physician if you are having an allergic reaction to something you are using on your skin or in your diet.

Dr. Loren Pickart (a biochemist who has been studying skin and hair for the past 48+ years) hand formulates all products and approves the use of each ingredient. He never uses any compound that would adversely affect the health of the skin or body. His inventions have had to undergo rigorous safety testing and have been found to be nonirritating,
and safe for long term use.

If your skin is fragile using any kind of a peel or exfoliant will only thin it more. After you speak with your physician you may want to try one of our mildest copper peptides to help your skin. If you decide to use one of Dr. Pickart's copper peptides I would recommend that you just use our Super GHK Cream or Super GHK Serum. That is all I would use both morning and night for some time. That is one way of eliminating anything that may be irritating your skin.

Proper application of either of those products would be light. Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area. With Dr. Pickart's products, truly less is more. After that, if you find your skin is dry, then use one of Dr. Pickart's oils as described below.

It sounds like the oils are not working well for you. Should you decide to try one of Dr. Pickart's I would suggest using either the Emu Oil S for Skin or CELES Beauty Oil.

If you use an oil, you only need a very small amount. I place just 1 or 2 drops in my left hand and tap my fingers into it lightly. Only apply moisture where your skin is dry. If your pores are getting enlarged it may be from too much moisture in those areas.

Please feel free to email Skin Biology direct or call us. We are always happy to help.

Best Wishes,
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