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So I am very curious, there are a number of sources of GHK-Cu and any number of them may make personal claims to being the true GHK-Cu, while others allegate that the current line up of SkinBiologies GHK-Cu is actually just Copper Chloride with some protein. On my bottle of 1 gram 7% GHK accelerant, green deposits are forming at the top of the bottle which I am told is actually a sign that this is really come form of copper chloride when it has been sitting for awhile. Can you Comment on this?
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Thank you for posting your question - We are very happy to have the opportunity to respond!

Of course, now that the patent is open on Dr. Pickart's original discovery of you are correct, there are many sources of GHK-Cu on the market for cosmetic purposes found either in finished products (at various levels) or as the raw peptide itself. It is quite easy to get a hold of.

However, we'd make the suggestion when determining what would be considered true GHK-Cu, to always consult the original biochemist for the proper explanation.

To assist others in making an accurate evaluation, Dr. Pickart wrote two important sections in our website:

1. GHK Copper Peptide Imitations Determined by The Inventor -

2. Copper Peptide Safety: What Are True Copper Peptides? -

To be classified as true GHK-Cu it must have the proper ratio of GHK / Cu found to have produced the results Dr. Pickart saw in his original studies.

For details, please feel free to contact Dr. Pickart directly at - He'll be more than happy to explain this thoroughly.

Of course here at Skin Biology, Dr. Pickart formulates ALL of our products. So all of our products are based on his original studies and the ratios that actually work on human skin.

Our 7% GHK-Cu Accelerant is no exception.

The exact ingredients of the Accelerant are: Purified water, Copper Tripeptide-1 (GHK-Cu), and phenoxyethanol.

If you're noticing a bit of green color "deposits" on the bottom of your GHK Accelerant bottle, we'd first ask if your products in more than 2 years old? Also, how was the product stored? This may account for some of what you're seeing.

But definitely contact Dr. Pickart directly about what you're noticing. Again, he's more than happy to help. But literally all that is in the 7% GHK-Cu Accelerant is 1 gram of GHK-Cu (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine:copper2).

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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