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I have a question regarding the process of scar tissue removal with CP application. Everything I've read on this site and forum indicate that the scar tissue is being pushed "up and out" of the skin as it remodels underneath, but I don't quite understand how this happens. Most of the difficult to treat scar tissue seems to be in the dermal layer, but in order for it to be pushed out of the surface it would have to tear through the epidermis, ablating the regenerative basal layer in the process. The only thing I can think of is that the exfoliation helps slough off the top layers, but even then, if you exfoliate enough epidermis to reveal and "free" the dermis up to the surface, that would be severe damage, which doesn't make sense.

I would love to get more information on how this process really occurs. (I am a biologist by training so please don't hesitate to use as much detail as possible!)

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There are scars on the skin's surface but most scar tissue is buried under a relatively good-looking upper skin layer.

Look at

As the upper layers of damaged skin are removed with hydroxy acid and abrasion, this buried damage become visible. Then as the skin rebuilds itself, it will push this damaged tissue upward. Of course, it cannot break through the upper skin layers but will emerged when thee layers are removed.
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I actually have had damage push up thru the skin.I have had this happen several times since I have been using copper peptides.It will start off as a pimple in the area where the scar damage is.It does not go away for months.Finally it becomes hard ,and I pull it out gently with tweezers and it is white and hard.There is usually a small hole in the area but the hole disappears after a few days.Then the area where the scar is shrinks.
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