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I recently ordered a product called AO+ Mist from AOBiome. It contains nitrosomas (ammonia oxidizing bacteria) which it is believed human skin was formerly colonized with, but in present day is not due to excessive use of surfactant containing products like soap and shampoo. Nitrosomas consume substances like ammonia and urea on the skin to produce nitrite and nitric oxide. What is Dr. Pickart's opinion of AO+ Mist, and can it be used along with Skin Biology copper peptide products?
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Most human skin is over washed today. The best approach is to use small amounts of very mild soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Many cleaning products recommend to repeat the cleaning or shampooing but this is to just to sell more product.

The nitrosomas bacteria may help skin, but the studies that I can find are all from the company selling the bacterial products. I see claims from improving your sex life to healing bedsores but no independent studies on these effects.

The copper peptides have anti-oxidant actions and should not affect the bacteria.
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