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Skin Signals Cream has quickly become one of our best selling products!

Our NEW VIDEO: INTRODUCTION TO SKIN SIGNALS CREAM answers why --- Briefly we list the revised formula which has generated such amazing results!

Skin Signals Cream is the only copper peptide product from Dr. Loren Pickart's that contains three different types of peptides converted into copper peptides:

1. Peptides obtained from the elastin proteins in the skin,
2. Peptides obtained from collagen proteins in the skin, and
3. The original copper peptide, GHK-Cu.

Each of these compounds have their own unique action on your skin for skin firming, advanced anti-aging, and skin rejuvenation.

We are working on brief "How-To" videos that will prove essential for proper application and how to improve results with our products - Contact us for your FREE Personalized Skin Care Consultation today!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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