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Looking for Micro Needling Reviews? Does Micro Needling Work? It's Time to Find Out

Thousands of clients and estheticians/dermatologists alike have found that copper peptides significantly improve results when skin needling - Let us guide you on how to get the most out of your CP Serum ---Voted: Best Micro Needling Serum--- along with your device.

Our NEW VIDEO below discusses how proper use of microneedling can help fade the look of blemishes, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, stretch marks and reach your goal of younger, firmer skin!

Read Dr. Phillipa McCafferey's Article on Skin Needling and Skin Roller Devices as her published testimonial on the benefits of microneedling with Dr. Pickart's copper peptides.

Best Wishes,
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Hello Dr',

I'm using your Super CP Serum once a day, and i dermaroll my face at 0.75 once a week and apply this CP serum after Smiler

So far, so good Smiler

Just two question :

-> Can you explain me why Vitamin C serum cannot be used with Cooper peptides ?

In addition to my Super CP Serum, i have a serum with :

Vitamine C / MSM / Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamine E / Niacinamide / Retinol / salicylique acid.

(-> yes, it contains a lot of thing ! )

Can i use this serum after the CP serum ? Or maybe better to use before ? 3h of delay is good ? Or better to wait 12hour ? I don't know the half life of cooper peptides...


Secondly...why cream with oxyde zinc is bad with cooper ? Same question, can i use it after a few hours of applying Super CP Serum.

PS : Sorry for my english...i'm french.

Thanks Dr,

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Vitamin C and Copper can react and damage the vitamin C. So in theory, they should work better apart. But some women use them together and say their skin looks great.

Just see how using them together and apart on your skin.

As for zinc, copper and zinc compete for cell receptors. Too much of either one is not good. They should be used in about 5 weights of zinc to one of copper.
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