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I am Mark Holland from Hayward newbie here,I am interested to know more about biology.

Mark Holland
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Dear Mark:

Thank you for joining us here on our form - Here at Skin Biology we are dedicated to providing science based products that aid in skin remodeling and scalp conditioning.

Copper-Peptides were originally discovered by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart. The products developed were found to have profound effects on the skin and are quite effective for promoting improved skin health for all skin types.

We would recommend carefully reviewing the following general information on copper-peptides:

If you are interested in products to help maintain a healthy / youthful appearance, here are some suggestions on how you can start using our skin care line:

AM Use:
AM - After cleansing the skin, apply a light amount of Skin Signals Cream (an effective copper peptide formula combined with peptides from enzymatically hydrolyzed elastin and collagen). The application should be so light that it just barely covers the area.

PM Use:
PM: After cleansing the area, apply a light amount of LacSal Cream (a 10% hydroxy acid chemical exfoliant that helps reduce the appearance of old skin cells). Wait about 20-30 minutes before you apply anything on top.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions - We'd be more than happy to help!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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Hi Mark Holland, I need hair health knowledge.
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There are a number of approaches that may help men.

Copper Peptides often help improve the appearance of scalp and hair.
This may help.

1. If your scalp is irritated, then to calm your scalp and improve your hair's appearance, the best would be to use the Emu Oil for Hair on your scalp in the morning and Folligen Lotion at night in denser hair areas and Folligen Cream on hairlines. Start with a very light amount of each. You do not need to wash it out in the morning.

2. If there is no irritation, then use Folligen Solution on your scalp - a small amount. Let it dry a little, then apply a light amount of Emu Oil-S for Hair. You do not need to wash it out in the morning.

3. If you have very blonde hair, then use Folligen for Blondes. This is based on tin-peptides which often appear to work better than the copper peptides for some people.

4. Our new Hair Signals Cream and Serum have a variety of DHT blockers and work better for some clients.

5. Also take daily supplements of MSM - 2 to 4 grams - and 1 gram each of flaxseed oil and borage oil.

6. To increase your hair's natural pigmentation, take an additional 2 mgs of copper daily. Hair pigments are made from the amino acid tyrosine by a copper-dependent enzyme call tyrosinase and copper is often in short supply in the human body.

7. Always use a minimum of shampoo and conditioner. Folligen Shampoo and Folligen Conditioner are very mild shampoos that help thicken and keep more moisture on the hair shafts.

8. Keep heat off your head - blow dryers can boil follicles. Hot oil treatments also damage hair follicles.

9. Stress can cause hair loss. Blood cortisol levels are raised and this inhibits skin repair. Often temporarily taking a daily supplement of 50 mgs of DHEA for a few months will block the damaging actions of cortisol.

10. Sometimes new hair growth can push out older hair shafts and there may be a brief period of hair shedding as the new hair shafts push out the old dormant hair shafts. Old, non-growing hair is held in the hair follicle for about four months before falling out.

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