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Well, if nobody else will say it, I will. I love it! I've been using it morning and evening on my laser abrasions and around my eyes. There has been absolutley no puffyness, my eyes are tight and that is without using my usual DMAE loaded with hylauronic acid. Bravo Dr. Pickart
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i agree with you!
i gave the thumbs up somewhere on this board.

I'm particularly happy for those that had issues with 2nd gen. products.
the new ghk serum is "prettier", and more cosmetically elegeant - in formulation and packaging (imho).
but for me - unless i learn there are some benefits that the ghk has that isn't in the 2nd gen. stuff, i'm gonna stick with my super copper serum (and occasional super cop 2x).

I haven't had any issues with these products, so see no reason to switch over at this time (there's also the $$$ factor).

it is a lovely product.
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I've a question for Dr. Pickart or someone on staff at Skin Biology about the new GHK -Cu Serum. I've been using the CP Serum for over a year now. Actually, I've been thinking of ordering the Super CP Serum and switching to it. My present supply has depleted and I got on-line to order. Now I see that you have a new serum. Is this serum for someone like me or would you recommend this more as a "starter product" to the copper peptides? What benefits would I have in getting this versus the Super CP Serum? Thanks for your assistance with this question.
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The newest serum is Super GHK-Copper Serum.

But this product is more for sensitive skin such as around the eyes where some people have difficulty with our second generation copper peptides.
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i usually use the exfol serum at night cause i dont like the way it looks on my skin, is it safe to use the GHK on the same night or do you not advise this.

Cheers me dears
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GHK is rather fragile and it is best to use at a different time than the hydroxy acids.
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