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thanks for the generous sample!

nice thick consistency, it feels great going on.
i've used the p&r on my feet previously, and loved it. I'm currently using the foot cream on one side, and p&r on the other - just to see if there is any difference in results (too soon to tell - less than a week).

What is the difference between the 2 (p&r lotion, and foot cream)? what makes the foot cream a foot cream? is there a great difference in price between the two?

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We tried to make the product easier to spread on the feet and larger skin areas than the regular creams. It would be too oily for the face and might even cause breakouts but since feet tend to be dryer, it works well for the feet.

What makes a foot cream a foot cream? If women say it works for their feet then it is a foot cream.
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I like the consistancy so far... it's thin enough that is DOES spread nicely... without a goopy feeling... which means you could through on some socks and shoes without feeling like you just globbed your feet... and probably sandles... I always use cautiong with lotion and sandles with a sliding around is not ideal...

So far so good!

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