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Well I've been using TTT for just on two weeks now and I gotta say it I luv this stuff. Your definately on a winner here Doc.
As far as the consistency goes, I am fine with it. People just seem to have it in their heads that it has to be thick like a moisturizer, but I like it just the way it is.
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We are still working on the final viscosity. Just to make it easier to apply.
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Unfortunately, I do not share your enthusiasm. A good quality 3% DMAE amine product is what I was looking for. A product that aligns more to the J & J studies. Sorry, just my personal opinion. No offence to anyone. If you are seeing great results Beetlejuice, that's great! I am using a great product now, but really hoped for something different than what Skin Bio put out.

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Hi Kathy,

Could you please share with me this DMAE product. Currently I use Reviva DMAE. Do you know somrthing better? Thanks!
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