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You'll be happy to know that recently we completed an interview with a cosmetic video blogger that gives improved detailed information about this product / See Ultimate Report - Perfect Lift Cream (An Interview)

What is different about this product? With all the products on the market that are advertised for lifting, firming, tightening, etc... what was needed was a product developed by someone with an in-depth understanding of the biology of skin and aging to design a product that actually produces visible results. We feel that Dr. Loren Pickart, with 52 years of experience in the field, has done it! No other neck / decolletage product on the market is formulated with original copper peptides directly from the biochemist who invented them. Years of working closely with clients has fine-tuned this product into the “Perfect Lift Cream”, hence the name.

What are the core ingredients that make Perfect Lift work so well? The main or active ingredient is copper peptides which have been found to help deliver a firmer look while visibly reducing the appearance of loose skin (see video below). Perfect Lift Time Remedy Cream is then blended with a rich mix of natural amino acids, moisturizing agents, and anti-oxidants such as CoQ10 . Finally, this cream was further enhanced by the inclusion of pomegranate seed oil and pomegranate extract. This last addition was directly made due to the suggestion of biologist Dr. Anna Margolina who is a strong proponent of the health benefits of pomegranate on human skin (especially for women).

We would recommend carefully reviewing the following links on copper-peptides:
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-Skin Biology

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