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Hello, I just wanted to place some feedback on the skinbiology products I have been using. Basically I use a simple regimen of Cp serum in the morning with emu oil and sunscreen in the morning and gentle clean with lactic powder and emu oil and TT tightener, both morning and night.
I use the regimen on my face, neck and hands. I have been on it for 5.5 months. I also take 3g of msm, 1 g vit c, 2g evening primrose oil. I exercise regularly, do not smoke, eat healthy and do not drink much.

I have been astounded by my hands. They have been the most noticeable. I can see a distinctive difference in where I have applied the products on my hands, stopping at my wrists. They look smooth and soft.

My face is definately more even in tone and softer, but I have more sun damage to try and remove. I do find I need less foundation to even out my skin.

I have now added 0.5% retin A cream to my routine. I use every second night now, after 2 weeks of just using 3 times a week, with very little irritation.

So, the bottom line is things are working, slowly. I have been very happy with the delivery of product from USA to NZ.

Oh, I am trialing folligen cream on my eyebrows and eyelashes for the last month, not much to say about it as yet.


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Location: New Zealand
Registered: 28 November 2009
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opps that should read Super CP serum Smiler
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Awesome report. I've also had good luck with everything. My worst area though still is the hands. Well actually the fingers where the skin just isn't as tight as I wish. Texture of the skin and health looks great, just the looseness in the fingers.

I've used the FFB on the Eyebrows. It works well but was slower to respond then the Scalp.

BW MaxxC
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That GREAT to hear Sandeebee!...Especially those hands.

I think I will increase my MSM from 1 - 2 g. I see you are taking 3 g.

Have you tried the OCM yet that you were considering? They say, that castor oil can help darken your lashes a bit.

Since most of my time is spent working on my face, I tend not to worry too much about the rest...hands, hair, lashes, etc. But I have found Emu Oil is GREAT for a weekly scalp & hair treatment. I rub it into my scalp then comb through my hair to the ends. Leave it on for at least 1/2 hr. before shampooing. Overnight would probably be better.

It leaves you hair soft, smooth & bouncy... Big Grin...worth trying if you have longer hair.
Location: New Zealand
Registered: 28 November 2009
Posts: 46
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No I have not tried the OCM yet as I want to finish the gentle cleanser first which I got through Skin biology.

I am working on it all, nails, lashes, hands, skin etc etc.
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