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Please let us know how you like this new trial product. Your feedback is important. We might change the formula if something is founding lacking or drop the product entirely if the trial is not well received. Conversely we will fast track the product if it is well loved and endorse by our clients.

Remember it is free with every order. Must be added to cart at time of purchase. Trial FOR CELES Therapeutic Oil

Does not count against your Free Gift for over $50.

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Hello Everyone Smiler

This is week three for me and using the Celes Therapeutic Oil... all I can say is WOW! I have been using SB products for over 10 years but have been on a serious daily regime for 6 months. The cholesterol and lanosterol esters work synergistically with SRCP's and the difference is very measurable. I have never experienced this kind of progress not even with Emu oil. After applying Emu oil to my skin, I always feel a "tackiness" that doesn't seem to really go away. However, the Celes Oil leaves my skin feeling like velvet and totally prepared to receive makeup, providing a water resistant barrier that seals in moisture. What I have noticed is that is softens scar tissue, therefore making it less apparent. The Celes Oil keeps the blemish pliant and as it comes to the surface it can be easily exfoliated.

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I think it is a truly great oil.

For years I had known about some great skin studies of the Cholesterol and Lanosterol Esters but they were so expensive that making products was impossible.

They still are expensive but now we can afford to put them in a product.

The very easy spreading of Celes Oil surprised me. Also if you put it on your hands, then wash your hands, you can still feel the oil in your skin.
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