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The Uglies - I think I've got them, what should I do? Login/Join
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ive been using SCPS and GHK peptides on and odd dor 10 years. In the beginning i used tri reduction on my face, no thought of go slowly. Woke up with a swollen face and then i sunderstood its poweful.
First i will say all active skincare have some kind of uglies, retin a, witch causes chronic inflammation. and people try to cool it down with cortisone. Devestating. just for a name ine thing.
Copper peptides signals that it needs repair in skin and remove connection tissue in skin. And it will for best of worst. The more damage you have, the more uglies you propably see. if any. Exfol for a day or two. then starting cp again diluted, just to kickstart the collagen. then rest. use a collagen stimulation cosmetic vit C, vit E, rosehip seed oil, carotene oil , emu oil, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, carnosine, carnetine. idebenone, matrixyl, strivectin. atrernate opposit side of the day, or take a rest for two days. the collagen takes time to rebuild so be patient. you maybe see uglies, but think its collagen that been removed and sometime old collagen is crosslinked to new, due to sugar-damage.. so take your time, dont be alarmed, have in mind copper peps, dont stake away the cronical age, so the focus is to remove, rebuild, damaged tissue. Ive read a lot and all fixed it in one way or another.
take it slow. i myself doing retin a 2 a week and thats enough for me as speeding up collagen building exfol.

skincare nerd, want to know everything!!
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Thank you for your tips and invaluable insight eniac!

We're glad to hear the products are continuing to work for you and generate results, even after all these years.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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