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"I try to make sure that almost every area of your skin has the opportunity to benefit from my years of research trying to discover what can turn back the clock on aging, as it were. Many clients ask me what they can do about their hands. Recently, one of the master estheticians who carries my brand in her spa mentioned that she has clients apply my peptide formulations and then wear gloves for about an hour to enhance penetration of the antioxidants and moisturizing agents. When the gloves are removed the clients' hands are renewed and refreshed beyond belief! I'm happy to say that one of my top-sellers is featured in this month's newsletter. If you have not tried TINPEP Hand Cream yet, springtime is your opportunity to do so and help soothe your hands from the inside out." ---Dr. Loren Pickart PhD

It's time to stave off dry hands and replenish what was lost after the long winter. Using TINPEP Hand Cream delivers results you can literally see and feel. This is a fast-absorbing, non-greasy peptide hand cream designed by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart. Skin Biology's only hand cream leaves your skin saturated with natural moisturizing amino acids mixed with aloe vera.

What Our Clients Are Saying:
"I was shocked to see how quickly the backs of my hands were aging. The skin was dry and flaky. I knew I had to get my hands in better shape. I apply [TINPEP] nightly before bed. It absorbs quickly into the skin leaving the skin soft and smooth. There is absolutely no greasy feel and the scent is light and pleasant. It only takes a small amount too. My hands feels so much softer and the dry skin is no longer visible."

"I started 3 days ago. The [TINPEP Hand] Cream is phenomenal at softening... The cream also smells fantastic, and matches perfectly the scent of the Romantic Perfumes."

"WOW is my first impression! I just received it today, it smells fresh with a hint of cinnamon (must be the pumpkin oil) and the consistency is light and so a little can spread quite a way and it doesn't feel greasy or tacky. I just love it and it will be one of my favorite SB products!"

CLICK HERE to discover the beauty of softer hands - Your order will arrive within 5 business days (for standard shipments within the USA). This product is available in three size options: 2 ounces / 4 ounces / and 0.5 ounce travel size..

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