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BEFORE Spring Weather: Get Better-looking Fingernails and Toenails NOW

During spring, the areas that were covered with socks, boots, gloves, or mittens are eager for exposure to warmer days. But after a long winter, how are your nails looking? And what about your toenails? Are your hands and feet truly ready for spring? Let's review how you can quickly rejuvenate these areas that may have stayed bundled up for so long.

TIPS FOR YOUR NAILS - Only Dr. Pickart's Tin Peptide Nail Renewal contains his unique blend of nail-strengthening tin peptides, nourishing lipids, and antioxidant vitamins. Apply daily to the cuticle and massage down the nail bed of either fingernails or toenails. Client Feedback: "I feel nearly anyone could experience softer hands/feet/cuticles, and shinier nails."

TIPS FOR YOUR HANDS - Our fast-absorbing hand cream is a best-seller for a reason! Dry, cracked hands can be quickly replenished with the natural moisturizing amino acids and aloe vera of TINPEP Hand Cream. Client Feedback: "I've only had it a few weeks but already my hands look fresher! Plus, the smell is delicious!"

A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOUR FEET - Sandal weather never looked so good with LOVE Foot & Heel Cream! This product has become a necessity for our clients dealing with dry, cracked heels, aching feet, or who are simply looking for an effective foot massage cream for use at the end of a long day. Saturate the tougher skin on your feet with advanced copper peptides and Dr. Pickart's patented mixture of biological oils and antioxidants proven to quickly solve the problems of dry skin. Client Feedback: "This is the first time that I've used a cream that actually seems to inhibit the growth of the calluses - pretty much completely so far! My feet are so nice and soft now."

ORDER ONLINE and receive any one of these products within 5-7 business days (if shipping within the USA). Or call 1-800-405-1912 to place an order with a knowledgeable Skin Biology Customer Service Agent.
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