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I used to be a big fan of flax oil as it is a great source of essential fatty acids, is easy for the body to digest and use, and helps the hydration, but recently someone mentioned to me the work of Raymond Peat (biophysicist), who says that polyunsaturated oils age the body inside and out ; both via having them in your diet and on your skin. ie; if you have them in your diet both your body and skin will age prematurely ; and if you use them on your skin , your skin will degrade prematurely, and also be more prone to skin cancer. He explains it all very scientifically - but unfortunately i cannot repeat all the details. Johanna Budwig wrote extensively about them in her book, and that details their Omega contents which is usually lacking in today's diet.

Mary Enig also seems to support this in various ways and she have studied fats extensively and have written very persuasive works which can be found on the internet. Their findings are for saturated fat and very against polyunsaturated. Now Mary Enig does gives a rebuttal to some of Ray Peats ideas in an article at : but does seem to suggest that Flaxoil is a polyunsatured oil.

What does everyone think re Flaxoil? I am still undecided now on whether its a good thing or bad as a result of this research and would appreciate other views.
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