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u luk good stoney..i hope i luk just as gud when i reach my fifty... Thumbs UP!
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I wore the ylang ylang and nutmeg perfume and my boyfriend was WAY more into me that usual. It was like he could not get enough. I was surprised. I noticed a big difference.
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I need to try the Asian Oud.....the name implies mysterious and sensual to me. Anyhow, I have tried the Jasmine, and I really like the scent. I find that more of the women in my large office come up and speak to me, smile, say "hi" when I wear the Jasmine. I have also tried the SB-74 by itself and find my male coworkers (one is very nasty to everyone) and male supervisors are consistently very nice to me. I like the Lavender for myself because I find the scent to be very calming. Next will be the Sandalwood and Asian Oud.
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What you are saying is exactly what we hear from clients.

The Jasmine does attract women. Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg attracts men, plus male dogs and cats.

Some women use SB74 before business meetings and say the men become more civil.

We use the essential oils of these scents and this is the key to their success. These oils have several hundred molecules that are spread through the air.
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I deal with people all the time in my line of work and they all have their own personalities. My problem is that I wear my feelings (good or bad) on my face and they will react accordingly - being defensive or combative if I display signs of irritation or annonyance which always exacerbate the situation. I always ended up getting stressed out.

When I wear the Ylang-Ylang and Nutmeg scent, the one thing I noticed is that I am the one who is more relaxed or calmer and it shows (instead of me looking serious and businesslike) even in tough situations with other people. I also smile more. People in turn respond similarly and we get through OK without any bad feelings and afterwards I'm not stressed.

I tend to carry myself differently when wearing the scent and that itself is worth it. The attracting thing is secondary but I'll try the romantic scents to see if that works.

However, male dogs and cats took no notice of me yet.. Confused
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I've been using the unscented pheromone PR cream. My dogs are even more wild for me...won't pay one bit of attention to my husband! lol they look at me and lay right next to me.
the PR does smell even though SB says it is not. The smell is quite strong and I dislike it. But have to say...I have not opened a door at a store since using it...and a clerk in a store..called me out from across the room to cut into line and be served before the others. I couldn't believe it!
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Dear summer rose and Mighty Thor:

Thank you for your comments! We love listening to your feedback...

Please continue to let us know how the essential oils and pheromone oils continue to work for you!

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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Just wanted to say how much I love the Ylang Ylang/Nutmeg as well as all of the scents I have been collecting so far as my bonuses or as a way to get my bill to 100 dollars and get my free VIP GHK Luxury Serum (which I also adore).

I used to wear essential oils (mostly Patchouli Oil) but it's been awhile. I must say it's such a pleasure going back to wearing scents again (though I might have to break for summer as I am an insect-magnet so usually wear Lemon Eucalyptus as it's supposed to be nearly as strong as deet but I fear it repels people as well as bugs.....

I have yet to notice a response from others since I've started wearing SB oils but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I use the Body oil with Ylang Ylang and kick it up a notch with the oil from the little bottle with the roller (love it). Sometimes I also add a little extra Pheromone only too lol! I want to see if I can get that extra attention I've read others have received while wearing these! But even if I don't, I thoroughly enjoy wearing them for myself as they make me feel special. Not sure if my dog has noticed a difference or not - will have to ask her...

I am SO glad these are available here which got me back into using scent again! Didn't realize how much I missed it in my life. Smiler And who knows, maybe someday someone without allergies or other things distorting their sense of scent may just get a whiff and have a response! I must say I was intrigued by Dr. Pickart's comment about noticing which types of people are attracted to which scents and if they are the types of people you like or not. That has the makings of a fascinating study- a research paper even! I wonder if such a thing has been done before. If I ever start getting any kind of response (maybe I just need to use more of it) I will definitely take note of which types of people are attracted to which scents. Fascinating really! Thank you SB for reviving my love of scents and giving me hope of making some new friends or better yet a new male friend Love
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I think it may be starting to work - my dog noticed me the other day! I mean REALLY noticed me!! I had put some scent on with phermone to go out and when I came in to say good-bye to her she went crazy, licking my hands and smelling me like there was no tomorrow. I've ever seen her act as curious and driven as she did smelling me .

Now it's time to go in for the larger subjects!

I'm so excited! Seeing that reaction made it real to me that indeed others will react to these scents on ME! Smiler

Can't wait till people start to notice Wink
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