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Hello all!

I'm only 29 and I suddenly am getting terrible varicose veins. They run in my family, but I'm starting to freak out. I have a bad one on my shin and quite a few on the back of my leg/back of knee area.

Any suggestions as far as vitamins or topical skincare? Particular exercises? Quite literally anything? I'm feeling hopeless and any sort of treatment that I look up online (like Amazon) doesn't have very good reviews. I would really, really appreciate any advice.

Thank you!
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Look up "copper varicose veins" on Internet. Many think low copper or too high zinc is a cause of varicose veins.

CP Serum might help or just taking 4 mg of copper glycinate after a meal.
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My cousin just had a varicose veins laser treatment and found out that it was too expensive :S
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