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I am currently using salicylic acid alongside dermaroller and SuperCop. The scars are filling up and damage is surfacing but I can't help but notice the orange peel texture. Is there anything else I can do?
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Are you eating a lot of dietary items that contain orange-colored beta-carotene (e.g. pumpkins, carrots)? This often causes orange skin.
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Maybe you need to switch needle sizes for rolling. By texture do you mean dotted/rough? Could be a needle change.
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LOL Dr. Pickart - I think he was referring to orange peel texture (bumpy, not smooth) vs orange colored skin. It is true though that eating tons of orange colored fruits & veggies will give your skin a healthy hue... Smiler

This comes from the beta carotene found in naturally dark colored orange foods, but also come from highly pigmented red, yellow & dark leafy greens like spinach – all are loaded with beneficial carotenoids which partially convert to Vit A, the rest act as powerful anti-oxidants. So if it's colorful, then eat it...and I don't mean M & M's... Laughing

The "orange peel texture" is the scars under the skin creating the non-smooth surface. Just keep rolling & using your acids & CP's. This will eventually smooth out as the scar tissue is degraded. Spot treating the most obvious spots often helps to smooth out the appearance on the surface.
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am afraid there is no cure for cellulite but there are ways to firm and tone the skin to reduce the appearance. Regular areobic exercise especially walking, body brush in circular motion for couple of mins everday before getting into the shower, once a week apply a detoxing, firming body mask, massage body cream/anti cellulite cream to help tone, drink lots and lots of water and Green Tea to help flush toxins. Also combine this with a healthy diet.

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