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Just thought I would share this for those looking for lifestyle help to anti-aging.

I met an 70-something year old woman who looked and acted 10-20 years younger. I was really amazed.

She said she had a heart attack at the beginning of the year (it ran in her family and she said she had been under enormous stress from her 2 jobs & I think she recently lost her DH) but she recovered amazingly fast and now you couldn't tell anything was wrong.

I asked her about what she did to look so good. She said she ate well - vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish. Not so much with eating greasy food and fast food. She dances, stays active, tries to keep stress low.

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And I realize now how much better I look and feel when I do eat right and exercise and reduce stress. In my 20's, I never noticed much improvement when I took supplements or ate healthy stuff and maybe that's because in your 20's your body chemistry is such that it's more forgiving of abuses. Now that I'm in my 30's, I can see how not taking care of myself affects my health and appearance and how much of a difference it makes to take better care of myself. Not just skin care, but exercise, eating, stress reduction, etc.
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I agree summerwave. I believe that stress is the number 1 killer and the root of "everything bad" in your body. My mother was living a very stressful life 20 years ago, and she had high blood pressure, gone through a very critical surgery, and she looked very old.

Today, she's living a much happier and less stressful life. Her high blood pressure's gone, and she's overall much more healthy. She's 62 now, doesn't put any make-up (only on certain occasions), but a lot people think she's 10-15 years younger than her real age. Some people even think she's my sister (may be I look older due to daily stress taking care of my toddlersSmiler)

Though taking necessary supplements do help, I believe that when you're happy and have 'clear' mind, your body and soul will be better and thus reflect on your face.
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