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I am outdoors quite a bit as we love to mountain bike. Of course i have lost weight. I wanted to ask 2 questions:

1) Can you recommend one of your products that I could use year round (winter also) for all over body care. I don't need a tanner or sunscreen as I my ethnicity allows me to tan easily and I don't usually burn. I just want something that will keep my legs and arms in good condition as I am outside often. I am very happy with the products I am using on my face (SS Solution, Exfol, Emu-s).

2) I have lost a lot of weight and my stomach shows signs of this (stretch marks, lots of sagging). Can you recommend a product for this as well?

Thank you,

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Hi Liz, The body lotion is ideal to use allover. It smooths & tightens the skin.

If skin is really sagging, then you may want to try a stronger product such as Tri-Reduction Cream, but I would start with the Body Lotion.
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The copper peptides help give the skin a more tightened appearance.

Look at and

1. Many women and men have had good results in reducing loose skin or
excess skin after weight loss. It is slow but usually works and several
people have avoided recommended surgery to remove skin.

2. Start with Trireduction Cream in the morning and or LacSal Cream at
night. (You can use either cream in the morning or evening, but this
is the order most people use.) Let your skin adjust to this. Just rub
the cream on the skin. If there is initial stinging, it will diminish
with time but use less if it is a problem.

3. Later, get a stronger hydroxy acid like a 15% to 30% lactic acid or
glycolic acid and use this in the evening.

4. After a time, some people use a hydroxy acid in the morning, a SRCP
at noon, the hydroxy again about 6 pm, and an SRCP at night. Your skin
may be on the edge of irritation so back off if irritation becomes too

5. You can later switch to stronger products such a 30% lactic acid or
glycolic acid and Super Cop cream but be careful of irritation. For
stronger hydroxy acids, see other outlets. The
process will take six months to a year but you should start seeing an
improvement in about 2 months.

6. The same procedure will reduce the appearance of scars.

7. You can use the products all over your body.

8. If your skin is dry, use either Emu Oil for Skin or Retinol in
Squalane as a moisturizer.

9. Daily supplements of 1 gram of MSM, 1 gram borage oil, and 1 gram
vitamin C also help.

10. Combining the above with exercise gives even better results.

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To Stoney and Dr. Pickart.

Thanks for all the detailed information. I have only read this today and had already placed an order yesterday (which included the body lotion basic). Next order I will try the Tri-Red and the other products suggested.

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This is really nice thread. I really got some good tips from it. It is really going to help me for long time. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I don't know a lot about the product you want. But I keep running every day to be healthy,and it may be a good way to lose weight. The most important thing is keeping on doing.

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