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I'm off to Las Vegas next Thursday for four days and am wondering about what to do about all my vitamins and skin care products for those days! I'll need an extra suitcase to take it all with me!! What do you all do when travelling? Should I just skip the vitamins until I get back and take basic skin care stuff?
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Kathy C--I have a few of those BIG 7-day pill organizers, and I just load them up. There are different kinds, and I think you can get them in drugstores. Or maybe a health food store somewhere. That's where I got mine. Last time I traveled I went to my parent's house for 10 days at Christmas, and while I still had to carry a few stray bottles of stuff that wouldn't fit into the pill organizers, I didn't have to do the extra bag thing. I've done that before, though. A whole extra big bag just for my nostrums. Wink
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Kathy C -
What I do when I travel is transfer my skincare products to sample-sized bottles (1/2 oz.) that I purchased from:

The bottle mouths are large enough that it's easy to fill them, but they're small enough that you can easily control how much comes out of them, too. Then I just slap a label on them & I'm good to go.

For my vitamins, I've found it easiest to put them in small (2X3) ziploc bags & label them. So many of my vitamins look identical - and they're not taken at the same time of day - so I need to separate them into dosage times. I label them breakfast, lunch, dinner, & bedtime - so I don't have to sort them for a specific day - I can take any of them that correspond to the correct time of day. Then I toss them all into a ziploc sandwich (or snack, depending on the length of the trip) bag.

I went to FL for 2 weeks in Oct./Nov. and I had no problem fitting all of my items into my carry-on bag.
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I use those big pill weekly organizer things too for supplements when I travel, but sometimes they open up in the suitcase, and then you have a hard time getting everything back in order. So now I tape each "flap" down to avoid that problem.

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Thanks for your suggestions! I think I'll try the ziplock bags for the vitamins and the skin care won't be as much of a problem. Thanks everyone!

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This is an older post but I just saw it so I'll post anyway. Hope you had a great time in Vegas... except for that darn sunburn.

I agree with GracieBelle and put travel sized amounts into small sample containers (those little 1/4 oz jars from skin bio Wink). I try and only bring enough for the week or whatever. I also put them in ziplock snack bags... leaks are a real bummer. I do the same trick with my supplements and the large, week sized pill holders, only I rubberband it together. I've too had my pills all in with my clothes whe I get where I'm going.

One thing I should have learned a few times over by now is to always pack the important stuff in your carry on! Since I hate lugging bags through airports etc I usually talk myself into packing everything in my bag. I've ended up at my destination several !! times with no luggage Mad This just happend on my last trip.. my plane got in late and I had to meet early in the morning with lots of people (for business trip). So how do you deal with that!?! I just had to go to the meeting as is off the plane from the day before. I was able to get some basics like a toothbrush, but sheesh! never again... always pack what you'll need in carry on!!
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Hi! I travel alot because of my job (about 3-4 times a week). My skin condition isn't normal (native causes) and this travelling could affect it even more. I don't think you need all your skin care oils and creams along with you. You just need the essential. I use, for instance, products from Gerovital Plant. It is enough for me when I travel. At home, I do have much more skin care products, but the essentials for me are Gerovital Plant. You could give it a try.

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