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Dear Dr. Pickart - thank you for answering my question about KGF. I'm
sticking to trying Folligen alone for now, so I can better assess if it
will help me.

I have a question I was hoping you (or Skin Biology) could answer for me.
I have been using Dermmatch for many months, now, since my hair loss became cosmetically noticeable (I have diffuse hair loss overall, but now some
areas are beyond 'diffuse'). I believe this product is considered dermatologically
safe to use, but what is your professional opinion? Am I hampering my chances to
regrow hair in areas that I use this? I do seem to have some regrowth in my hairline, and I want to encourage, not discourage, that. I note that the Dermmatch can be quite difficult to wash out, and so I worry about the health of my scalp with the Dermmatch on areas for possibly days at a time. Perhaps this seems a silly question, but hairloss sure can make a lady paranoid.

Thanks so much.
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Hello Hennared,

I am sure Dr. Pickart would agree. It seems that coloring your scalp would clog the pores and degrade your hair follicles. In that sense, it would be counter productive. Especially if it is difficult to wash out.

As you probably know; most hair loss in women is normally due to scalp damage due to perms, coloring dyes, relaxers, using too much heat when drying hair, overuse of shampoos, tight buns or pony-tails, and overcutting (long hair is healthier). Folligen nourishes and aids scalp health.

I so understand being a lady myself, the insecurity of thinning hair. Your question is not silly, but quite important. My best to you and your health!

Keep Smiling
~The SkinBio Team

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