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I've had so many questions about Hyaluronic Acid lately. This compound is used in a growing number of cosmetic serums and creams, many more than what you may have even imagined. My recommendation? Check the labels of what you apply on your precious skin. Avoid cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid, especially if you are over the age of 30. When you know what to avoid, you can make healthier decisions when it comes to your skin care.

Let me show you what to use instead, why it works, and how to incorporate it into your regimen today!

---Dr. Loren Pickart PhD
BA Chemistry and Mathematics, University of Minnesota
PhD Biochemistry, University of California at San Francisco


What is hyaluronic acid? What is its draw? Scientifically named "hyaluronan", this is a sugar-like molecule that can bind huge amounts of water (1000-fold its own weight) when applied to the surface of human skin.

It results in an immediate feeling of improved smoothness and hydation that mature skin in particular craves. However, hyaluronic acid also serves to wet the skin's outer protective proteins and this damages the skin barrier.

When skin is constantly kept wet (such as by using hyaluronan), skin renewal is slowed and in time the skin ends up looking older. Skin-damaging cosmetics using hyaluronic acid, designed to push water into the skin and wet the outer skin proteins in order to puff it up, offer false moisturization at best and (at worse) have a number of studies proving health risks. See the following important study:

More Than a Gel – Hyaluronic Acid, A Central Component In The Microenvironment Of Pancreatic Cancer. Authors: Thomas Seufferlein, Michel Ducreux, Manuel Hidalgo, Gerald Prager, Eric Van Cutsem, European Oncology & Haematology. 2018;14(1):40–44
Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan (HA) is a major stromal component and its accumulation has been shown to play a central role in promoting tumourigenesis and progression of disease. Thus, overexpression of HA in tumours is associated with poor prognosis. Therapeutic targeting of HA is therefore an attractive strategy, particularly in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA), which is associated with an extremely poor prognosis and less sensitivity towards chemotherapy. PDA is characterized by a high stromal content. The accumulation of dense, fibrotic extracellular matrix components within the stroma, termed desmoplasia, results in increased tumour interstitial fluid pressure and vascular compression that impair the delivery and efficacy of therapeutic agents. While some elements of the stroma may be protective for the patient and prevent a more aggressive phenotype of PDA, a pegylated recombinant human hyaluronidase (pegvorhyaluronidase alfa) has been found to inhibit tumour growth in preclinical studies. In a clinical phase II randomized trial, the addition of pegvorhyaluronidase alfa to nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine suggested significantly longer progression-free survival in patients with advanced PDA compared with nab-paclitaxel and gemcitabine alone. This benefit was even more pronounced in a subgroup of patients who expressed high levels of tumour HA.

What to Use Instead: Properly moisturize and hydrate your skin with Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher fortified with Co-Q10, mixed natural tocotrienols (vitamin E), and lutein for skin health.

Encourage true skin rejuvenation with Skin Signals Solution, which promotes younger, radiantly-lifted skin by using copper peptides along with hydrolyzed peptides of elastin and collagen.

- STEP 1: Spritz Skin Signals Solution's GHK-Copper, Elastin Copper Peptides, and Collagen Copper Peptides blend as the first thing on freshly cleansed skin. The application should be extremely light. Most clients apply approximately 4 spritzes (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). Use sparingly.

- STEP 2: Lightly apply Emu Oil on top to seal-in copper peptides and effectively hydrate skin. This enhanced biological moisturizer is designed to bring luster back to dull skin.

The REAL proof of Skin Biology products is in the results they generate!
Order online call 1-800-405-1912 (1-425-644-0160) to place your product request today. Test Dr. Pickart's unique formulations on your skin and hair. FREE sample with any $50 purchase. Contact a Skin Biology representative for assistance and personalized suggestions.




Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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